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Innovative Education Program


The world changes !

Our chaotic context makes that the needs of employment are changing as ever before.

Next Foundation is an global program to educate next leaders to the management of project and to the fondamental skills define by global organizations as OCDE.
We select our students on 3 criterias : motivation, projet’s holder, + 12 years old.

Part 2, we define precisely the project they want to develop and we follow it step by step.

Our specific method has been improve throw 4 years by workshops and is based on the 21 century skills that are the set of agilities that students need to develop to succeed in the information age.

Management of project permit easily than basic teaching the acquisition of the fondamental skills that are the new passeport for employment all over the Word.
Here, we learn how to develop an idea, to make it  comes true due to innovations. We allo test the concept / product, meet ressources persons, ...

The program is built on weekly workshops in visio conference based on 20 sessions.

Day by day, the students develop their projects and in the same time make the acquisition of learning, literacy and life skills.


If the student succeed the program, 2 issues :

1. He/she wants to go further, so we continue to develop the project to the phase of foundraising, ..., or,
2. He/She wants to stop, and Next deliver a passeport wich certifiate the participation to the program and the acquisition of 21st century skills.

You are a parent ? A student ? A school? An institution ?

You have interest for our innovative education program specifically built to succeed in 21st century ?

Contact and meet us !


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meet the team


STephanie Wismer cassin

Passioned by politics, societal movements, fashions, project management, innovation, since I was a child, project after project, I discovered that it’s young that we built our fondamental skills and our chances to succed. Our 4 industrial revolution challenges, in particular the challenges of employability, are a matter of urgency for training young people in project management and 21st century skills.

Artificiel intelligence, robotics or virtual reality are transforming existing professions and creating new ones. According to a study published by Dell and the institute for the future, 85% of jobs in 2030 do not yet exist. That is why i created the first International program of the 21st century skills in 2019 by the way of a management project method.

Our team comes from education and is selecting specifically in adequation to the projects and the students needs.

Next foundation propels this action to act for youth.

OUR students

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« Employability of youth is our  priority »,